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Diversity Recruitment Group is a completely independent entity which is partially owned by its top performers with a share option scheme, with BEE status. As the name implies, has a broad base market focus with experienced Executive Search specialists to handle the various market segments and sector disciplines it chooses to operate in.
It operates in both the permanent and temporary employment arena.

Our slogan has a dual meaning:

We will maintain the status as preferred employer by providing our staff highly competitive remuneration packages structured through different tiers with a system of performance bonuses that will not only attract but also retain the best in the industry. Ambitious high performing employees will have every opportunity to progress to a level in the business that will keep them excited and involved to the benefit of the organisation and themselves. We continuously welcome new talent especially high performing individuals that want to grow beyond their current positional restraints.

This is based on finding the right candidate for a selected position. To achieve this we ensure we understand the selected clients business and corporate culture intimately, allowing us much better insight into the ideal “personality fit” for a specific position. As we invest considerable time in understanding our clients business ethos we approach only selected companies where we build a long term loyal partnership built on a common transparent objective beneficial to both parties.

Our candidates are sourced as follows:
We attract the right candidates from a large database of talented employed people on a national and international basis depending on the seniority of the position through an executive search process.

We continually build on our broad database of top performing talented people that have the necessary business acumen to fill specialised positions.
Sourcing talented candidates is done by building a formidable data base using media, selected publications, training interventions, and interactions with various business schools and management colleges.

We actively seek employment positions for pre-screened candidates that fit certain criteria.
To ensure we can respond very quickly to client demands we are proactive with a database of prospective candidates that have registered with us in the various market segments within their position categories and expertise discipline.

We accept responsibility for all placements and provide assistance to both the candidate and client to facilitate the smooth integration into the filled position.

By maintaining a low operational cost approach, with flat uncomplicated organisational structures we can afford to reward our staff well above the industry average in accordance to their performance and level of responsibility.We show strong organic growth by continually welcoming outstanding specialists to our business to handle new client portfolios and industries.

The purpose of the company is threefold:

  1. To provide our clients with the maximum return on their recruitment spend.
  2. To be the company of choice for our screened candidates, clients and employees and encourage them to grow to their fullest potential.
  3. To provide all our stakeholders with above average rewards for their effort and loyalty.

To achieve this we embed this purpose in the way we do business. These behaviours are best described by our key values which will continually develop as a result of the synergy emerging from the combined aspirations of the team.

  • Competence
    Decisions made on how to conduct our business are made for the long term benefit of both our clients and our business. We take responsibility seriously by only employing the best and not compromising short term financial gain for long-term wealth. Whilst tolerant to mistakes, we are very open and direct in appraising performance and building a competent team.
  • Teamwork
    Whilst recognition of personal needs will be respected, the business functions as a cohesive unit with teamwork being a priority. This creates a healthy environment where staff can expect each other to be approachable, honest and reliable towards each others needs and not over-sensitive to their support demands. Innovation and flexibility are key drivers and are positively influenced with a strong cohesive team environment.
  • Performance focused
    We ensure that our team not only understands the rules of the game, but knows exactly how to keep score. Our commitment is towards achieving results, and whilst effort and endurance are highly regarded without achieving the required objective or goal they are worthless. Whilst this is rather a ruthless value it is supported by strong teamwork and allows staff to develop with training support to achieve and become the best they can be.
  • Winning organisation
    To become the leader in your chosen field there is an unmistakable correlation between economic performance and personal development. To live an exemplary life you need high and lofty aspirations and the Diversity Group provides the foundations for all those involved to build, and so propel their personal growth to achieve these ambitions. Winning is about maintaining that competitive edge and this encourages innovation driving continual change to stay ahead in the industry.

Our unique offering provides our selected clients and screened candidates a partnership programme with an uncompromising guarantee of quality placements backed by providing the necessary support until the filled position is well integrated within the organisation. We have industry and sector specialists concentrating on specific areas that we choose to operate in.

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